February 01, 2011
Elephant in Tanzania

Steppes Discovery has joined forces with the Saadani Elephant project to offer a limited number of clients the chance to join an elephant collaring team in Saadani National Park in Tanzania. As a member of the project team clients will be required to play an integral role in collaring wild elephant which will involve accompanying the helicopter crew as they scan 430 square miles of reserve looking for suitable elephants to dart and collar. The objective is to collar 5 elephants so while clients maybe up in the helicopter one day, the next day they will be part of the ground team, tracking elephants and calling in their GPS coordinates to the helicopter team and fitting collars once the elephants have been darted.

“With Steppes Discovery’s help we hope to acquire 5 new collars in 2011 and 2012 and allow a handful of fortunate clients first-hand experience of collaring Africa’s largest land mammal” said David Guthrie, joint founder of the Saadani Elephant Project.

The Saadani Elephant Project was started in 2010 by Tent With A View and the renowned elephant conservationist Alfred Kikoti. Under the auspices of TANAPA (Tanzania National Parks Authority) the project aims to better understand the migratory patterns of the Saadani elephants, in an effort to mitigate human-wildlife conflict (HWC) which is a problem throughout Africa as populations expand exponentially.
“This is a perfect example of how sustainable travel can raise funds for essential conservation and in doing so give interested travellers first-hand experience of a dynamic conservation assignment,” said Jarrod Kyte, head of Steppes Discovery.

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