Polar Bear and Polar Pioneer, Spitsbergen

Spitsbergen and Svalbard Cruise Holidays

Svalbard or Spitsbergen as it is more commonly known is a group of islands 300 miles north of Norway and only 600 miles from the North Pole. The islands are renowned for their wildlife and in particular polar bears with a population of around 2,300 they outnumber the human inhabitants, this makes it arguably the best destination in the world to see polar bears with almost guaranteed sightings.

Spitsbergen can be explored by small cruise vessels from June to early September with the midnight sun allowing viewing opportunities 24/7. Pushing deep into the ice-choked fjords in ice strengthen ships allows access to dramatic glaciers and the opportunity for tundra walks. Daily guided excursions by zodiac will take you close into the huge cliffs of seabird colonies, which are often patrolled by the wily Arctic Fox. The ultimate goal for most passengers is to see the magnificent king of the north, the polar bear, but while looking for bears on the pack ice you may also encounter other Arctic wildlife such as walrus, seals and whales that frequent these waters.

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