Chapada Dos Veadeiros National Park

Scenic Chapada

This lesser known part of Brazil is perfect for people who like to get off the tourist track and enjoy the outdoors. The Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park is found in the Cerrado Alto, a unique tropical savannah that covers the central plains of Brazil. It is a landscape of vast open skies and an extraordinary mosaic of different types of vegetation: grasslands, dense low-growing brush and lush evergreen forests. The area has stunning scenery, with many waterfalls and natural swimming pools that sculpt the rock and quartz crust into fantastic canyons and deep gorges that ultimately feed the three main river basins in South America.

The Chapada dos Veadeiros is recognised as a Natural World Heritage site by UNESCO and is considered to have the richest biodiversity of all the world's savannahs, with an estimated 10,000 species of plants. It provides a rich habitat for wildlife too, including deer, the maned wolf, capybara, tapir, giant ant-eater and armadillo. It is home to many hundreds of species of birds, including rheas and a kaleidoscope of macaws, tucans, falcons, woodpeckers and humming-birds.

This picturesque national park is located in the highest zone of the central western part of the country, at exactly 200 kilometres north of Brasilia, the capital city. Its large cascades, natural pools and woods of palm trees, have turned it into a destination of choice for ecological tourism. Among its fauna we find the outstanding Maned wolf, anteaters, giant armadillos, capybaras, tapirs, rheas, toucans and vultures.

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