Peruvian Potatoes taken to the Arctic to safeguard their future

Arequipa valley view

It was reported on the BBC News last week that Peruvian farmers are sending some 1,500 varieties of potatoes to be frozen in time for the future. 

Regarded as the world's most important non cereal-crop, and a huge part of Peruvian culture, the potato is high on the list to save. 

Being home to more than 4,000 varieties of potato, Peru has attracted many scientists to study why the potato is on the decline.

It is typical for potatoes to be cooked in a Pachamaca, earth oven, since Inca times along with Cuy, Guinea Pig, and other meats.   

BBC article

Peru are celebrating the centenary of Hiram Bingham's discovery this year and it is a wonderful time to visit and sample the potato in a typical Pachamanca. 

Click on the link Peru Journey Ideas for more information or contact Emma on 01285 885333. 

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