Blue Footed Booby Day

Blue Footed Booby Day, GCT

Join the Galapagos Conservation Trust in celebrating Blue-footed Booby Day on Friday 17 June to show your support for the unique and inspirational creatures of Galapagos!   Renowned for performing a highly elaborate courtship dance in which the male with bluest feet and the most impressive moves gets the girl, one cannot help but be captivated by these charismatic birds.  While they are most elegant in flight, Blue-footed Boobies are anything but on the ground.  This, coupled with their iconic courtship dance, earned them their name - 'booby' coming from the Spanish term 'bobo' meaning clown.  So on Friday 17 June, start your weekend early by celebrating these iconic birds by wearing blue shoes or socks.  You can also go onto theGalapagos Conservation Trust website and download a template to create your own Booby feet -

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