Wild Spectacled Bear cubs seen daily presently at Chaparri Ecolodge in Peru!

Chaparri Ecolodge holds the main Spectacled Bear rescue and rehabilitation centre in the country and they are delighted to see the mother parading her two youngsters daily within the privately owned conservation area of Santa Catalina de Chongoyape set up in 2000. 

Set in the Tumbesian dry forest this area is full of a whole host of endemic and threatened species such as the White Winged Guan and is recognised by Conservation International (IUCN) and Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) along with the Peruvian Government. 

The Spectacled Bear is a relatively small species of bear, native to South America and the only surviving member of the Tremarctinae subfamily (short-faced bear). To many in the UK the Spectacled bear is better known as Paddington Bear from deepest darkest Peru but in reality is incredibly elusive in South America. Their name derives from the light beige colouring on their face resembling a bear wearing spectacles.

The sexes are not yet known but the cubs and mum are doing well and are being spotted frequently at the lodge much to the delight of guests and staff alike.

We are really excited about this wonderful news and we still have spaces on our Diverse Wildlife of Northern Peru tour departing 6th to the 17th July 2012 and on our second departure on the 6th to the 17th October 2012.  Contact Emma for more details on 01285 885 333.

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